Ever play Sky: Children of the Light? Here's some info about it from the mind of a 10-year old.

HELLO! So, I know what I said last week, but honestly, I love it so much, my brain is bursting with JOY. YAY! So, guess what I’ma be talkin’ about. Minecraft? No silly! Remember a couple of looooooong posts back, when I was talkin’ about Sky: Children of The Light? The game? Yup. dat will be our subject today! AND NO WINING! Anthony! GET BACK TO YOUR SEAT! OR ELSE!… (okay, I think I’ll stop playing teacher). So anyway, Sky is actually quite a beautiful game. It involves you undergoing a fascinating journey, gathering gold spirits to upgrade your cape/wing to help you fly higher, discovering silver spirits to give you new and descriptive expressions, exploring new kingdoms, fantasizing over creatures good and bad, and, eventually, delving into the dark and dangerous Eye of Eden. I suggest you heed my warning. I tried seven times to get in and out alive. I only came out once. But the rewards are worth it. No, I will not tell you what they are, they are so great. All I will tell you is go with friends. They will keep you alive, and you them. I only went with my sister, and she did not make it… another warning: The Eye of Eden part of sky is probably one of the scariest games I’ve ever played (however, I don’t play horror games, or anything like that). As a matter of fact, that’s the reason my sister left the game, and therefore Eye of Eden, forever. However, once you get through for the first time, it’s not very scary. And the rewards are awesome! And, well, let me explain this first. When you start the game, on Isle of Dawn, you, basically, get born. And you learn a lot of things too, plus, there’s nothing scary, or threatening. On the next kingdom, or level, Daylight Prairie, you get a lot of silver and gold spirits, meet a bunch of other peeps, discover special secret places, and, well, have fun. It’s basically simulating childhood. The next kingdom, Hidden forest, is teenagerhood. Sometimes, being a teen can be hard, so there’s a lot of rain, and some spirits. Of course, you might think, oh, it’s just rain. But as a matter of fact, the rain can deplete your cape energy, and therefore, your candle will go out. Your candle is basically, well, everything to you. It helps you see what new people look like, opens doors, lights other candles so you can get “candle currency” as I call it, and can help you in so many other ways. But, moving on. The next kingdom is called Valley of Triumph. It simulates mid-thirty’s, takes place in the snowy mountains, and as a matter of fact, is a valley of triumph. Because, depending on which silver spirits you find, they tell a story. For example, Isle of Dawn spirits usually point towards going forward, starting your journey, and that stuff. Valley of Triumph spirits’ story is: The Valley of Triumph used to be a beautiful place, with joy and happiness, at least until the darkness took over ( watch the intro story in the beginning of sky). Now, it’s just empty halls, and silent racecourses (you’ll have to go through one of these to get to the next kingdom). Okee, on that bright note, lets get to the next kingdom. But as a matter of fact, it might actually be a bright note, compared to what you’ll find in Golden Wasteland. It’s in the desert, and is all dark and spooky. But like all others, this land has a story to tell. It used to be occupied by a very powerful warrior tribe, but the leader liked peace, and only went to war when necessary. When the darkness came, they battled hard, but in the end, they fell like all the others. It simulates middle age, which to be honest, can be kinda hard. The next and last (but DEFINITLY not least), Vault of Knowledge. It simulates old age. This is typically pretty peaceful. It is literally a vault, probably where they used to train young people to be magicians. It’s very Zen-y, not at all dangerous, and very peaceful. In the end (the final end) of the vault, you see the elder, or leader (they’re called elders) of the vault. He is a wizened old man, no beard, but VERY wise looking. And anyway, he explains to you (not in words, of course, like all the other elders) all of the mysteries of the “constellations” (the constellations are basically constellations in the sky, that record all of the silver spirits that you’ve found), and that you are destined to, one day, rule them all (the elders), if you can only defeat the darkness, by venturing into the Eye of Eden, to its heart, and defeat the darkness. This, of course, requires multiple trips into the Eye of Eden. Now, to explain why I choose to tell you this. The thing is, if you make it through the Eye of Eden, you get the reward, and then, each time, you get reborn. You only have maybe one or two levels, and then you start the game over. Of course, you still have your expressions, and you can find gold spirits in the same places, if you can remember where they are… okay, I gotta fly. TEAGANUPANDOUT!!!

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