Some pictures to soothe the troubled soul during this time of unrest. Peace and respect from LF2SF to you-

Written For You By The HelmsMistress:

As there is so much hurt, harm, hatred, injustice and loss in the world right now, I thought I would use today’s post to display some of the beauty of the islands of Loreto through the eyes of a cruiser during quarantine. Take time to connect with yourself, those you love, those who have been lost and pray for voices to be heard and respected in the name of humanity.  Peace be with you all.

Slow Down and Breathe:


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* All photos in this photo essay are real and taken by the HelmsMistress. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle, I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your very beautiful life. So Serene! Love the pic of dog watching dolphins 😊 Be safe. Much love to you guys

    1. Accursia, Michelle is up doing laundry right now as we’re in Puerto Escondido getting some repairs done, thanks for reaching out and thanks for the props on her pictures. She loves taking them and loves the feedback- Chad

      She’ll get back to you on text today-

  2. Really beautiful shots! They really bring us to your reality. GORGEOUS. And I did take some deep breaths while viewing and appreciated so much that these scenes are actually happening right now in the world too! (I say this with helicopters overhead and on covid-19 lockdown with special county-wide curfews because of riots, soooo I definitely appreciated your sentiment.) Thank you! 🙂 and WOW— so glad you’re living this life right now. Spectacular!

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