Perfect Pizza on a sailboat at sunset on the Big Green Egg

I made my 1st Pizza on the Big Green Egg (on our sailboat) right here in Baja California and it was AWESOME.  Nope, I had never made pizza on the BGE before but that didn’t really slow me down.  I put myself through a year of college by working as a night manager at a chain pizza place, so making the pizza wasn’t a thing.  Michelle provided me with the dough balls which I then turned into decent pizza shells in no time, and I added the pizza sauce (from scratch), cheese and toppings to pizza’s for us and the girls.  The main challenge I have with pizza on the BGE is that we don’t have a pizza stone for it and we’re not going to the Big Green Egg store around here anytime soon….so I used the inside of the convEGGtor in the BGE instead.  It worked really well, but I’d suggest a pizza stone if you’re trying this at home on a barbecue or Big Green Egg.  I heated to 300 degrees and put each pizza on the egg for 10 minutes.  Viola….pizza in no time.  So along with some reggae by one of the Marley’s and a cold drink in hand, the sunset cooperated and we had a couple of awesome pizza’s in no time.  I challenge you to try making your next pizza on your barbecue if you have the capability, it might surprise you how good it turns out.


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