Yup, this is a quick “shout-out” and thank you to one of our Patreon supporters….Cash and his family.  Cash, thanks for your contribution to LiveFree2SailFast….we love the cold beer you helped buy us.  Mexico’s getting hot and cold beer is always appreciated.  Our Patreon Supporters have a special place in our hearts so they get a “shout-out” like this one and we send them various LF2SF swag, when we’re in port and able to get it out by post.

Ever considered supporting a blog, website, artist or Vlog via Patreon?  It’s pretty simple, you consider donating a small (or large) amount of money to that person or website in exchange for the value of the content that you get by reading or watching what they produce.  Obviously, your relationship with the site, author or artist matters and content is king…and your hard-earned money is pretty valuable.  But the way I look at it is whether you would consider buying those folks a cold drink if you met them out somewhere?

Cash, thanks again for your contribution to LF2SF and make sure to ask your friends and family to consider supporting us by following the site…. and they can use the Patreon Link provided here if they choose.

You guys know we’re out in the sun a lot right?  We use loads of reef safe, high-quality sunscreen because it helps to keep sun wrinkles off our faces and keeps us protected against the suns rays.  If you want the exact same high-quality sunscreen that we use everyday…take a look at the Raw Elements Website (or get it on Amazon).  If you use the website, type in the code “SailFast” to get a discount.


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  1. HaHaHaHa… love the shout out!!! Love you guys! Wish we could hand deliver these beers and contribute as deck crew (or somethin’) for awhile instead of just sending $!!!! But…. maybe someday. Meanwhile, keep enjoying!!!
    xo sarah

    1. Sarah, this would actually be the best time to come see us cause the weather is milder and there’s an airport close by or you could fly into Cabo, pick up a rental and come see us. Great Islands close by and probably fairly cheap to do it all. But, we loved your comments and thanks for the reply.

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