Instead of playing "Where's Waldo"....Quincy wants to play "Where's Quincy"-

Instead of a rousing game of “Where’s Waldo” to get your mind off world events…Quincy decided she wanted to play “Where’s Quincy”.  Take a look through these photos and see if you can find the very large Great Dane on our sailboat:

Welcome to Quincy Dane’s version of “Where’s Waldo”…except it’s sort of “Where’s Quincy”.  Not sure this will be a hard game, as it’s difficult to lose a 130-pound Great Dane on a small sailboat…but here we go:

Quincy in front of Waicuri in Puerto Escondido on a walk.


Supervision of the main fuel tank being removed from Tulum’s sole.


She’s practicing for her big “Where’s Waldo” photoshoot.


“Where’s Quincy?” Like I said above, it’s hard to lose a 130-pound Great Dane on a small boat.

Quincy Dane (Quincy) is the 130-pound Great Dane who lives with our family on our cruising sailboat.  We started this trip before COVID and are still here on the boat…continuing our trip with some COVID modifications but basically still on track.  We regret that we didn’t get back to the US in the spring to visit family and friends but aside from that, most of our plans so far are close to what we would have done…pre-COVID.  While you may see a lot of sun and sailing on our website, we want you to know we’re out here isolating, social distancing and wearing masks people just like you.  It’s easier to have a home that moves as we can just go places with fewer boats and people as needed, so social isolation isn’t really a huge problem for us.  Remember there’s a trade-off for us being able to post on our site and have cellular and internet connectivity…as it means we’re nearer to people but we’re pretty uber careful.  Wanna help buy Quincy some kibble or something fun to chew on…check out our Patreon Site.


You guys know we’re out in the sun a lot right?  We use loads of great, high-quality sunscreen because it helps to keep sun wrinkles off our faces and keeps both us and the kids protected against the suns rays.  If you want the exact same high-quality sunscreen that we use everyday…take a look at the Raw Elements Website (or get it on Amazon).  If you use the website, type in the code “SailFast” to get a discount.

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