Kids update on Puerto Escondido

HUL-LOOOO! Whaaaats up? Now, I realized that the blog topics have been teetering a bit to the gaming side, so I’ma tell you what’s been happening! We are in (Sea of) Cortez, around the Puerto Escondido kind of area. To be exact, Coranados island. We can actually see the lights of Loreto, but not too brightly. We’re gonna go back to Escondido in a couple of days, and therefore, a pool, WIFI, our own kinda private dock, and all of the above. Oh, and the minimarket is SOOO cute! And they have EVERYTHING. Gelato, Turkish towels, an entire shelf full of healthy fitness stuff, a ton of different ice cream bars, not to mention the borrowable paddles and balls for the pickleball court. Of course, I didn’t forget the AWESOME restaurant that does takeout momentarily, the VERY nice (and probably expensive) bathrooms, oh, and the reef full of colorful fish that swim there with the SPOTTED EAGLE RAYS (that we saw almost every day), and, of course, the occasional WHALESHARK!!! *sigh*. It’s awesome! Also, if needed, they have a book shelf, the take-one-put-one-in kind of book shelf. It’s in the washing room. We saw the spotted eagle rays on the ellipse, along with some of the reef fish. They are also building these luxury mansions, with GIANORMOUS doors, a really nice pool, and well, all the stuff a luxury mansion would have. It also had its private dock next to it (of course, someone has ALREADY bought it. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS.). Me and Kellyn actually got a lot of cool books too. I got the one of the newest Wings of Fire books, and Kellyn got some of her Thea Stilton books. When we get back, hopefully, a bunch of my new Minecraft books will be waiting! TEAGANUPANDOUT

Both of the authors are kids who live on our boat along with their 130-pound Great Dane (Quincy) while we self-isolate the best we can in the Sea of Cortez.  The kids are allowed to post on this website in order to give them a voice and allow them to interact with all of you, especially if you’re a kid who’s wondering how life on a boat might be.  It’s not so bad, but you can ask them if you write them back in comments on this blog.  The writing is not heavy edited but I do take a close look for anything that may seem offensive or off color.

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