Thank You For Your Service....that's all that needs to be said to those who have served past and present. It shows you remember.

Memorial Day is one of those special holidays in the United States that’s designed for rememberence, not on a religious calendar or a gift giving extravaganza.  Other nations have similar holidays with the same intent (like Anzac Day).  In our family, we remember as well as appreciate our friends and family who are Veterans past and present.  Both of our Grandfathers were WWII Veterans and both our Fathers and my Uncle are Vietnam Veterans.  Many of our friends are serving or retired military whom we keep regular contact with in order to stay tuned into the world.

For some in the United States, this year’s holiday may bring relaxation of state COVID rules and usually signals the start of summer with a long weekend and a flurry of outdoor barbequing.  For us today, we’re especially grateful that most of our friends are not deployed into harm’s way and we don’t have major conflicts raging around the globe.  Despite saying this, I can’t be more aware of the Americans who currently serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and other danger zones.  We might not be aware of them every day but every one of those folks and their families are hyper-aware of the dangers that still exist.  Whether they’re on bases or not….they’re still forward deployed on this day.

Remember past and present this weekend as you begin your summer season.  Stay safe- keep your distance, use good quality sunscreen, don’t gather in large groups and cover your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze!

LF2SF remembers and celebrates this Memorial Day quietly sitting in an island anchorage in the Sea of Cortez while we wait on restrictions to ease in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  We’ve got one more case of jars to can, various boat projects to wade through and of course…we’re gonna barbeque on this day.  We’re thankful to our family and friends who are Veterans past and present for giving us the freedom’s we now enjoy.

Memorial Day- 2019

Memorial Day- 2018

Memorial Day- 2017








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