When we get the luxury of a slip, walks off the boat are a highlight for Quincy.

Sitting in a slip (at a marina) is a luxury for the Tulum Crew and especially Quincy Great Dane.  Being on dock means Quincy gets as many as 4 walks a day…and often a longer morning or evening walk.  For our part…there’s showers with hot water and perhaps a chance at some ice cream every so often.  We’re convinced Quincy loves her walks.  But this being said, she’s adaptable and can spend weeks on the boat with no problems.  When we do take longer walks here, often there’s golden colored sunsets to watch, the challenge of some exercise when we walk longer into the more remote areas (to avoid contact with humans) and the chance at some different smells.  Oh,,,the glorious smells that a dog can find out here in rugged Baja.  Cow patties dried or fresh (accompanied by far-off cow moo’s), coyote scat from roaming loners, various other smells and then the smell of the ocean mixed and layered into the intimacy of the desert landscape.  When we walk Quincy here we avoid contact with other humans, often taking her to areas near the marina where we can check out a bit of a reef….complete with some coral, fish and several resident Spotted Eagle Rays.  Quincy really doesn’t know what to think of these guys (if she sees them?) but we think they’re super cool and just want to take their pictures and watch them from a respectable distance.  We often miss them….as they’re gone in a flash when they see shadows.

Even though we’re in a marina, we still respect the fact that Mexico is still in lockdown…so we walk Quincy then get back on the boat.  And, although we walk into remote areas around the marina, we still have to walk through the slip and marina areas…so Quincy practices what we preach….mouth and nose coverings and social distancing.

If you’ve never seen this regular Sunday post before…Quincy is a 6-year old Great Dane living on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez with her family.  She’s lived on the boat for over a year and seems to have taken to it.  She’s happy and healthy and loves constantly being around her family.

\We look forward to when restrictions lift and we can start enjoying more outside time…but until then we do respect the culture and rules around us.  We’re lucky that in this case….the marina has safe and remote areas where we can walk Quincy Great Dane without much interaction with people and it’s ok to walk her in these remote areas.  As for us…our plans haven’t changed much from what we were gonna do…pre COVID.  We’re still heading further north into the Sea of Cortez from here for the bulk of hurricane season and hoping that fall and winter won’t be worse than spring.  But…while hoping for the best we’re prepping the boat for the worst…continuing to deep provision when possible and making smart decisions on movements.  We hope you’ll continue to FOLLOW and perhaps ask ALL your friends to follow as well.  Quincy says….have a great day!


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