Minecraft secrets from a kid gamer.....stuck on a boat!

Wasup? Guess what? More Minecraft! YAY! No? Too bad. So many things can happen in Minecraft, and this post is going to be about the secrets of Minecraft (that I know). For example, did you know that if you submerge a zombie in water for thirty seconds, it’s arms will start shaking and it will turn into a drowned? Or if you name a bunny Toast, it will get a secret skin found nowhere else! Yeah, the story is some poor kid that plays Minecraft reported to official Minecraft/Mojang chat that his bunny, Toast, had escaped and gotten lost, and included a photo of the bunny. Mojang probably felt sad for him, and so they incorporated that special skin in with the next update. Minecraft can be very different on different devices. For example, I saw something online that said that if you name a sheep ‘Jeb_’ it’s coat will forever turn a cascade of different colors! But I believe that the video I saw it on was played on a computer. I have Minecraft on an I-pad. When I tried it, the sheep was exactly the same, apart from having a very weird name. so I think it only turns colors if you are playing on a computer. So anywhay, do you know what a snow golem is (a snowman with a pumpkin on it’s head) right? Well, did you know that it’s head is as a matter of fact NOT a pumpkin? If you use shears on it, then the pumpkin will fall off, revealing its true identity! I will NOT however, tell you what it looks like. That is for you to find out. Some of you, if you already know this, may think it has something to do with endermen warding (if you wear a pumpkin on your head, looking at endermen won’t make them angry). But it doesn’t… or maybe it does… I don’t actually know. But you know what does? This brings us to our next secret. If you take an ender pearl (I think its an ender pearl. If not, an eye of ender.) and throw it, wherever it lands, you will get teleported. Now, our final secret (sadly, my parents think dinner is better than Minecraft blogging) some of you may know that in snowy/tundra biomes, you may find a randomly generated Igloo. But did you know that if you dig around in the snow beneath it, you will find a brewing stand and a caged villager and zombie villager? Indeed, some kind of way to try to find out how to cure a zombie villager… but there’s so much more! Maybe I’ll make another edition of this… Minecraft: so many secrets #2! Okeee, gota go! TEAGAN UP AND OUT!

These Friday posts are entirely created and written by the tiny army that me and my wife created all by ourselves and currently lives on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, BCS Mexico.  We use Fridays to give the kids creative outlets and allow them to write with (some) adult editing but little guidance on what should be written.  We invite you to follow our Friday posts every week as we continue to write and post (when we have WiFi).




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