Stuff the Kids Like Right Now

HELLO. I’ve decided to make a chart of my fav stuff:

Book series: Wings of Fire

Movies: Godzilla, Jurassic Park, The Hobbit

Color: Cyan, purple-black

Songs: Best day of my life, Believer, Feel it still

Songwriters: American Authors, Portugal. The Man, Imagine Dragons

Picture: Starry Night

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

Fruit: peach

Food: mud cake, mashed potatoes, orange muffins, clam chowder

Holiday: birthday, Christmas, Halloween

Place: The baths, British Virgen Islands, Balboa park

Game: Roblox, Minecraft

Card game: Exploding Kittens

Animal: wolf

Mythical animal: DRAGONS [ARE AWESOME!]!

Activity: drawing/sketching, baking, sailing

Aquatic activity: snorkeling

Experience: snorkeling with whale sharks

Aquatic animal: immortal jellyfish (yes, it’s real. Look it up)


Want to be when I grow up (maybe): writer, herpetologist (reptile scientist), oceanographer (studies the ocean), zoologist (studies animals)

Want to do when I retire: become a cruiser on a catamaran

Pet: HAMMIE (hamster)!!!

Drink: Virgin red daiquiri, smoothie

Entertainment: I-pads, books, music, sleeping, staring at nothing

Favorite school subject: history, science, English

School subject I hate the most: MATH!! LALALA ARITHMATIC IS EVIL!! LALALA

Kids Corner is a segment of the website/blog entirely written by two kids living on a cruising sailboat.  We’re actively isolating/bugging out in Baja California trying to keep the kids and dog entertained and happy as we pass the time.  Wanna help us out as a website…FOLLOW us.

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