Back to the beauty of the Sea of Cortez.

We may be looking through a different lens during COVID-19 (than you), but the Sea of Cortez is still amazing and I’m happy we’re back.  There are so many diverse landscapes out here and I’ll never grow old of wondering how in the world the arid desert comes swooping down into the beautiful turquoise sea.  This time we’re heading north to places Tulum V has yet to visit.  We’ve skipped some anchorages we hoped to visit and have avoided some beaches we also hoped to explore due to local COVID-19 related restrictions, but hey, this is cruising – don’t get too married to your plans, right?  There’s always next time.  Even so, we are still thoroughly enjoying life on the hook.  For us, it’s back to jumping off the swim step for showers, loading up in the dinghy for Quincy beach runs (when and where we can), and enjoying the quiet stillness of a cove as the afternoon winds die down and sunset illuminates the sky.  Almost 6 months into this and the remote anchorages without WIFI or cell service are definitely my favorite.

Early morning and sunset are when the bays come to life.  Quincy alerts to the huge schools of fish all simultaneously jumping out of the water with a “swoosh” that echoes from far across the bay.  Some anchorages are frequented by pods of dolphins and jumping rays while others have stealth visits by some very curious turtles.  I had to laugh the other night at my egotistical human view thinking that the turtles near our boat were actually interested in us when in reality, we likely parked our floating home in the midst of their feeding grounds – stupid human!  We also stumbled on recent turtle nests on the beach and visually followed several little scoot tracks down to the tideline while unfortunately others headed away from shore.  This place is amazing and full of life.  But it is best enjoyed with time and space to take it all in.  I definitely would not have the same experience in a one or two week vacation – you have to anchor and wait for the wildlife to come to you.

We may be curtailing some of the experiences we hoped for, but we’re grateful to be safe with the freedom to move about amidst the numerous anchorages in the Sea and plan to hunker down in isolation as Mexico is in Phase Three of the pandemic (rapid transmission).  We listen closely as friends work the front lines of healthcare, file for unemployment and navigate the roads of homeschooling and teleworking for the first time; wondering when things might return to the new norm.  We’ve been very professionally notified by a patrol boat to stay on our vessel with exception of minimal exercise on shore where no one else is nearby.  Of note -there are some very peculiar interpretations of exercise vs the water sports and recreational activities that have been specifically prohibited…..At any rate, here we sit, stuck on the boat in the Sea of Cortez.  There are much worse places to be, we know and remind ourselves whenever someone wants to pull the “woe-is-me” card.  It’s all a state of mind that we have to maintain.  The weather is beautiful and when we get cabin fever, around the boat we go for a few laps with the great dane naively following, thinking she might get a treat at the end of the parade – no doubt a spectacle to see!  The quests for self-improvement continue, the list of boat projects never seems to get shorter, and the homeschooling show must go on!  We’ve scripted quarantine songs and poems, in addition to tying quarantine and COVID-19 into some interesting journal topics – I mean why not? We’re adapting to the times!  I even subjected the kids to watching another noteworthy exemplar of cinematic excellence – Groundhog Day.  I don’t know if they got the humor behind it, but the groundhog made them laugh.

Just as Rapunzel seemed pretty upbeat while “quarantined” in her hidden tower, we too can stay pretty happy on our floating palace – never a dull moment and so much more to learn about the world!  From various art supplies we have yet to unearth from deep dark crevices of the boat to ukeleles we have yet to master (and by master, I mean learn a SINGLE song) – we have our work cut out for us!  Furthermore, the moans and groans of “I have nothing to do” will be met with the golden opportunity to polish some stainless on the decks – standby for a spectacular summer.  We are pleasantly stir crazy in paradise – such a blessing!

In honor of National Poetry Month (April, not May – nothing like the last minute), we’re spending the homeschool week reading poetry, studying famous poets in history and writing a few poems of our own.  So, I will close with a few haikus and a limerick to illustrate my sentiments during isolation.  Tap into your inner poet and write your own!

Sitting on my boat

Beautiful turquoise water

Can’t go in…..too bad.

Beautiful Baja

Pelicans plunge at sunset

Is that a turtle?

Interesting food

Fruits and veggies: fresh or canned?

Let’s open the SPAM!

There once was a girl from ‘Diego

Who packed bags and sailed to Mexico

She wanted to swim

But couldn’t go in

And now her body is en fuego!

It’s raining opportunities to do the right thing….especially for those of us in foreign countries.  So we’re hunkering down, staying on the boat, making up poems and sticking close.  We’ve paused for a bit in the anchorages surrounding Puerto Escondido to find some WiFi, rest up and relax a bit before continuing north to Bay of LA.

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  1. Good one and love the poems. Polishing stainless can make for a great way to become less bored. Ha ha. U guys are having fun it’s great to hear.

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