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Whuts up, peeps? Happy Easter (oh, and I was totally right. I got TEN different pieces of candy (that is like, a miracle when you live on a boat, especially right now))! So…now the problem is what to write about…HHRRMMMMMMMMMMM……… (this is my equivalent of thinking to hard… buuut then again, I’m trying to listen to MOTIVATIONAL music) …OOOOO! How about, just because I REALLY LOVE it, let’s talk about Roblox, and my fav game in it, Wolf’s Life 3. If you’ve never played Roblox before, which I’m sure most of you have played, but if you haven’t, it’s basically a game, with a bunch of other, smaller games in it. You can earn or buy clothes with Robux and edit your avatar to your liking, and have friends to play and chat with, but the main thing is the worlds. Sometimes they are horror stories or sometimes battles between teams of players, sometimes they’re about being princesses, some are about riding or being dragons, and sometimes you find some that are about being some kind of animal. This is where Wolf’s Life 3 comes in. it’s basically about…being a wolf. It’s on an island in the middle of the ocean, with a beach biome, a redwood forest, a normal forest surrounding a lake, and an ice mountain. In the middle of all of it, is a volcano (it’s really fun to cannonball into the lava). You can dress yourself up as, like, a stage performer with a cape, a medic, a traveler, your choice. There are also several hairdos. My favorite is the Mohawk. Also, if you pay in robux, you can even get the ocean skin, which is basically having a paddle on the end of a long tail, wings, which help you fly, the dragon skin, which also fly’s, but has a dragon tail, and horns. Also you can buy the neon pack, and if you choose a color for your accessories, it will make you BLINDINGLY bright. It’s very flary, though. After that, you can spawn, with 49 other players and you can make or join a pack, claim a den, play with your friends, go to the store and pick up stuff to decorate your den, and find out the secrets of the world. Oh yeah, Shyfoox, the player that made Wolf’s Life 3(and several other animal games that are AWESOME) decided that it would be fun to make the world into a whole story! So far, I’ve discovered 5 notes. I REFUSE to tell you what they say, or even a hint, because of course I’ll be nice and not spoil to you what they say, or where they are, either. But to be honest, almost all of the players have no idea, except for the boss players and hackers (I, sadly, THINK that I’m a boss player, but, SADLY, I am NOT. DUN DUN DUN!!!), so I’m being sparing even now! Okaaay, gtg. TEAGANUPANDOUT

This post was entirely written by a 10-year old stuck on a cruising sailboat in Mexico.  The kids don’t get off the boat while we’re in a slip except to shower and have not interacted with other kids for over four weeks.  We’re surprised at how well they’re doing, but we do allow them to play on their iPads, read on their tablets and of course….we homeschool them.  We were set up for this…cause we were homeschooling before COVID-19 and since we were already out of the country…the kids weren’t in a school that had to shutdown.  By the time you read this, we’ll still be heading north up the Sea of Cortez as we continue to self-isolate and cruise.  Please follow this blog to see more of our adventures.

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  1. i love it…….so glad you all are keeping busy……..a MOHAWK is the best.

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