Quicky Kick'n Chicken on the Big Green Egg....on a sailboat!

Being stuck at home in self-isolation doesn’t mean that we don’t make great food…and I rely heavily on my Big Green Egg to help me make great barbecue.  Yep, we’re one of the very few sailboats that I know of that has an actual, real Big Green Egg onboard and I love to use it…making great food wherever we go.  On this night Michelle had fresh pinapple and we wanted some quickly done chicken to balance out the sweetness of the pineapple rice.  That’s where my Kick’N Chickin Seasoning and a bit of garlic comes in handy…just perfect on chicken.  Here’s how to prep and cook quicky Kick’n Chicken on the Big Green Egg, in pictures:

Prep is simple: Chicken thighs defrosted, Garlic, Kick’n Chickin Seasoning



I turned up the temperature for this quick cook to ‘300 degrees so that we could have a bit of crackle on the skin.  But I highly recommend you let your charcoil burn until there’s no flames….don’t do what you see in the picture as the chicken grease will encourage the flames and I had to pay lots of attention not to burning my chicken.

After turning my chicken a few times (about 15 minutes) and watching so my chicken didn’t burn…it was done.  There, quicky Kick’n Chicken:

We’re doing ok during an unprecedented time in world history as we watch events unfold in our country…from a different point of view.  The Big Green Egg on the boat is something that allows me to unwind as I cook and think through all the different times we’ve been able to cook for friends and family…allowing a sense of normality sometimes.  Our biggest problem with the Big Green Egg right now is that there’s nowhere to get great charcoal….something I just have to work through down here.  Anyone reading this have a friend at the Big Green Egg Company who might want to ship us some charcoal?

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