Stick to the Mexican COVID Guidelines Please

I’ve been strongly taught that Complacency Kills…and I think that after less than a month of COVID restrictions by Mexico and Baja Sur…some cruisers are getting complacent.  The Great White Hunter (a former boss, called the Great White Hunter because all of his hair had gone completely WHITE) strongly drilled into our heads that it’s hard to stay in certain fight or flight modes ALL the time…and folks will get complacent.  Many of us out here will find remote anchorages and want some kind of return to normal cruising…but complacency and entitlement may creep in.  I fear that people will have self-isolated for a while and start with paddleboarding, kayaking and then need social interaction.  They’ll start having cocktails and potluck dinners with each other…knowing that everyone else has also been self isolating.  In some cases, this will be ok.  But if this behavior progresses to raft-ups, beach parties and bonfires….folks will start to notice.  Mexican Eyes are Everywhere and Mexico has not yet even come close to reaching it’s peak yet…so restrictions will likely stay in place at least through mid-May to early June.  If you’re reading this please remember to check your entitlement.  If the Mexicans can’t do it….why should we cruisers do it?

All it takes is one Raft-Up, Beach Party, Bonfire or Kid Meet-Up for someone to get COVID-19 and DIE!  All it takes is one of these social events for the Baja Sur Government to close ports to private vessels…stranding you outside or inside with few options!

Seriously, we’re already viewed as wealthy (most of us are NOT), entitled gringo yatistas.  Let’s not fan the flames of that image please.

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