Hullo! I…have writer’s block. It’s a thing you get when you’re writing, and you don’t know what to write about. How bout’ Easter? Yeah, Easter. For my family, Easter traditions involve me and Kellyn dressing up in cute, usually matching spring dresses, complete with giant hats with flowers that WE make and a cute little Easter basket with a bow. I know, COMPLETE TORTURE!!! And I thought Easter was about LOVING YOUR FAMILY! Then all our relatives arrive, complementing us on our cutesy wootsy dresses. On the bright side, they usually give us EACH a basket of candy, complete with a giant CHOCOLATE BUNNY on top, with side stuff like maybe a little stuffed rabbit, a bunch o’ candy and maybe a bunch of lollypops. Then we go outside and have an EGG HUNT!! #BESTPART! In the end, the kids are content counting all the coins they found and devouring chocolate, while the grownups have to put up with the horror of the kids AFTER they eat the chocolate!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!TEAGANUPANDOUT!!!

By the time you read this…we’ll be moving north at our own pace up Baja.  Stick with us…we’re just out of cell and WiFi range self-isolating and finding adventures- 

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