Another update from La Paz during Semana Santa week.

Writing From Somewhere In La Paz…nearly real time:  I wrote a post about the state of La Paz last Saturday and as we headed into Semana Santa weekend regulations became apparent.

It’s kind of funny, because we never intended to get stuck in a large town but needed to provision and wait on packages and parts…now we’re staying a bit longer based on stricter regulations in place during the Semana Santa Weekend.  Here’s current developments in La Paz and the surrounding area…based on facts or firsthand information we have from credible sources:

-All of the regulations I mentioned in last Saturday’s post are still in place.

-The port of La Paz remains open but has Coast Guard sitting at the La Paz Harbor Entrance (at various times) watching for anything moving.

-The Fuel Dock at Marina Costa Baja remains open but has reduced hours.  The fuel dock is open from 0800 to 1300 but they want boats to have an appointment (prior to entering Marina Costa Baja) to refuel.

-Repsol remains open across from Marina Palmira for jerry jugging.

-Coast Guard Vessels are now going through several times per day with public service announcements via loudspeaker (in Spanish).  Here’s the one from this morning:

-Yesterday (Friday) we received info from friends (who were kicked out) that the Navy had cleared all boats out of the Caleta Partida anchorage.  We think this is just for Semana Santa weekend (the 96-hour curfew).

So in light of this info, I wanted to make sure a current update was put out in writing about La Paz, which remains a wonderful and friendly cruisers hub that’s simply enduring the spread of COVID like so many other places.  As foreigners (and guests) in a foreign country, its incumbent on cruisers to respect the rules and regulations put in place by the Mexican and Baja Sur Government.  Over the last week of provisioning I’ve seen examples of the stereotypical westerner…trying to teach the Mexicans how to “properly hand sanitize”  and getting upset at the long line in the grocery store.  In light of all this, we’ll get on the road north through Baja after the “96 hour shutdown” and the baby norther that looks like it’s coming through mid-week.

As a blogist and cruiser who’s down here experiencing these changes real time, when I choose to write about cruising and COVID, I choose to write as factually as possible.  LF2SF chooses not to spread fake news, rumors or conjecture.  I write based on the best information I have at the time.  For instance…there are apparently communities in Baja choosing to cut themselves off from outsiders but we just don’t know the real scope of that information until we experience it for boat.

As cruisers, we fit into the same category as so many others around us…our boat is our home, we have no house or car back in the US and we take our entire home with us wherever we go.  So we’re careful and calculated when needed and watching both the COVID situation and the weather carefully as we devise our spring/summer plans to disappear into the Sea of Cortez.  Wanna follow along as we continue this adventure….please FOLLOW our blog.  Wanna get more involved….how about buying us a cold one? Check out our Patreon Site.  

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