All of our Friday posts are written by one of our two kids (who live on our boat full time).  The concept behind allowing one of them to write and post every Friday is to give them a voice on the blog and a forum for reaching out to kids around the world no matter where we are on our travels.  While I’m not sure how many kids actually do read these Friday posts…the kids are starting to enjoy writing the posts and it gives them one more creative outlet.  Yes, we carefully read every post but I don’t do too many spelling and grammar edits…preferring to discuss the post and allow the kids to make their own mistakes.  Ok, jump into the latest Kids Corner: 

Hey, peeps! Quarantine going well? Well, if you were wondering, I don’t care (about us being quarantined), cause’ most of the time I’m on the boat anyway. Okay, on with the show (or blogpost)!

Concept of today’s post: BEST ENTERTAINMENT FOR LIVING ON A BOAT (OR QUARANTINE)!! (all of this stuff is in my opinion, so if you don’t agree with something, feel free to comment)

#1: movies! Movies, especially ones that YOU choose can be fun and entertaining, and can wile away the hours, whether bored or on a crossing.

#2! I-pads. With the new digital Era upon us (I sound like an old woman, don’t I?), so many games can be downloaded, played, and purchased, all with the touch of a button!

#3. E-books/kindles. I’m not exactly sure what the term is, E-book, kindle, E-reader, I have no idea. However, the definition is basically, a mini I-pad, that is basically used for downloading books and music, and then reading or listening to them.

#4. Classic books! I know, BORING! But sometimes, I really just want to sit down, and just…read. The turning of pages and the smell of old paper relaxes me, admittedly.

#5………sleeping/napping? I know, I know. But really, its natural. I mean, IT IS KINDA FRIEKEN HARD NOT TO FALL ASLEEP WHEN YOU HAVE ABSALUTLY NOTHING TO DO!!!!!!! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said above, our kids live on a cruising sailboat full time, currently cruising in the Sea of Cortez.  

Keep following as we start cruising north for more quiet self-isolation and adventures. 


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  1. Wonderful and it sounds just like u. Just read out loud to Gramps. So glad that reading and turning pages still a big deal. Sending ❤️Happy Easter

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