Quincy Dane decides to make some basic recommendations to dogs about keeping their owners safe!

Quincy Dane is a 6-year old, 130 pound Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat currently out of the US.  Every Sunday that she has WiFi, Quincy Dane decides what kind of comments, recommendations or stories of the world of dog she wants to share with you.  Today, she’s decided to make recommendations to dogs during this time of COVID crisis….read on:

From the paws of Quincy Dane:

“STAY OFF BUSY BEACHES- see me, I’m alone on the beach in this photo and I prefer it that way!”
“COVER, COVER, COVER….yep….cover your noses and mouths to keep the spread of ANYTHING to yourself.  I cover my nose because my breath is so bad sometimes!”
“Here’s me and my feeder. We like to hang out on the boat…sticking to ourselves to stay safe.”
“I always keep an eye out for anyone coming too near the boat…gotta keep our 6-feet distance”

Quincy Dane strongly encourages her dog friends to hear this advice and push their owners to do the same thing.  We think that social distancing will help to cut the spread of disease as we hope for a cure in the future.  Quincy the Great Dane wants t you to know that all of you are in her thoughts and prayers- 

LF2SF (Tulum) is in port waiting on parts while we make sure we’re provisioned for the long run and able to self-sustain.  We look forward to getting off the grid for periods of time as we find remote and scenic places north in Baja to spend the summer. We love your support, comments and follows.  We will continue to write and make youtube videos when we can.  Stick with us…more to come- 

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