Muertos is a spot on the southern Baja used by many cruisers as a jump point to go across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland or a target point when jumping from Banderas Bay or Mazatlan.  It’s protected bay is great if riding out northerly’s or just coming in for a night of sleep when doing a north or southbound passage, with good holding.  Most important….it’s two restaurants are open right now and they want you to know it.

Both Restaurant-1535 and Restaurante Centro De Trenes (in the GranSueno resort) are OPEN and want your business. They may have cut back hours a bit, but they both have strong wifi, cold beer and great food.  If you come to Restaurante Centro De Trenes, make sure to say hi to Manager Christian Nunez and enjoy a slide into one of the two flowing pools here.  Kids are welcome and the train museum and video games on the second floor are not to be missed.  The restaurants have also taken good precautions in today’s crisis; moving tables further apart, providing hand sanitizer and making sure all staff wear gloves.

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  1. It’s been amazing to check in with cruising boats globally to see how COVID is affecting things; and I’ve got to say, Mexico is WAY behind the rest of the world in their response. In two weeks, I suspect you’re going to look back on this post and regret it. Restaurants have been takeout-only in our Wisconsin town for weeks. Allowing people to gather in groups went from groups of 50 to 10 to 2 over a matter of days. I love Los Muertos, and these restaurants are special places, but it’s time to alter behavior. No pools. No museums. The idea of public video games are literally making me shudder. Send one person to pick up take-out, if you must, but the time for going out to restaurants is over–table spacing and hand-sanitizer notwithstanding.

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