Boat kid discusses some of the flora and fauna she's seen while out here on her cruising sailboat.

Hello, everybody! Today I will be talking about ALL of the flora & fauna I’ve seen (or maybe just the animals)!  So, #1 is…HUMPBACK WHALES!!!! These gentle giants are VERY abundant in Banderas bay (MX), usually mothers with their babies. The humpbacks are known for their singing, which only the males do. #2…BAT RAYS!!! These super stellar jumpers are known to jump out of the water, and flap their black wings like a bat, hence the name, bat rays! They travel in large groups of up to A THOUSAND BAT RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s totally EPIC!!! #3 is…Black Snook. Yeah yeah, wah wah wah. But it was really big for a fish! It looked about as long as Kellyn was tall! It ate all of the little fish under our boat, and made even dad scared to go in the water! We just decided not to spear it, and let quietly go about its business…#4…sea turtle! Don’t judge them, This fast reptile is very pretty, but is being threatened due to pollution and fishing nets. One of the many places to go to see one every minute is calleta partida, and you can anchor in the mouth of an old, deceased volcano! #5 is…DOLPHIN! I know that they are quite common, but I just couldn’t resist! These playful creatures will often swim near your bow underway, and are very interesting to watch. Wild dolphins have been known to play tug of war with seaweed, and play with coconuts like balls! Okay I gotta go, Teagan up and out

Another late post with another great excuse….this time we were out touring a jungle river checking out crocodiles and exotic birds.  We’ve been told all about the toilet paper shortages in some parts of the US.  We’re out here hanging out in our ultimate bug-out vehicle (cruising sailboat) hoping for the best for all of you.  LF2SF puts out this website from a cruising sailboat where we live with our two small kids, Great Dane and an adventure spirit.  We invite you to come along with us by FOLLOWING this website….as we are Coronavirus FREE!  AND…if you want to help us buy TP, beer or some dog food for Quincy…check out our Patreon Site!    


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