Leaving La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta MX is bittersweet for us as a family, but it's time to move back to the Sea of Cortez to start exploring it.
La Cruz Anchorage, Banderas Bay

After 2 months of thoroughly enjoying ourselves – it’s time to move on.  We always had plans to head back into the Sea of Cortez when the time was right and now it is time to head north!  Highlights of our stay are as follows: La Cruz kids club activities – from recycled boat regattas to kids movie nights (AKA -parents nite out!) – thank you Kat, reunions with so many cruising friends, wishing well and parting ways with those Puddle Jumping (I still love that crossing the largest ocean for 17-25 days is referred to as a “Puddle Jump”), the girls taking Spanish and Art lessons with Maestra Florelisa of Crearte Nayarit– muchisimas gracias, watching iguanas climb palm trees and jumping rays gleefully belly flop through the water, dancing horses, morning yoga in the amphitheater – thank you Dahlia for your skillful mind-wizardry in convincing me that I was relaxing while I was actually strengthening muscles I didn’t know existed!  Waking up in the anchorage and seeing mom and baby humpback whales – I’ll miss the sound of their prolonged powerful exhale when they come to the surface….not to mention watching Quincy’s first realization that there was something VERY large and mobile in her neighborhood!  The sounds of live music almost every evening enjoyed from the comfort of our boat, Sunday market – a farmers and artisanal market like none you’ve ever seen, haul out – not a fun highlight, but a necessary one, side trips to Tequila, Tonala and Guadalajara with Grandma and Grandpa – sip, shop, step back in time. 

Beyond the beauty of the location, for me La Cruz provided the opportunity to slow down and recalibrate a few things on our journey.  The timing was perfect.  Home schooling smoothed out – don’t get me wrong, we still have our challenging days – but the kids get the routine and know once they finish school some free time may be in order.  Today as we left the bay THEY asked if they could start their school work…they’re catching on!  The opportunity to connect with fellow cruising families helped to normalize some of the challenges I’ve faced since we left, the shadows are lifting.  We all come to this lifestyle under different terms, but it amazes me the common themes that exist: parents seeking ways to keep the kids both socially and academically engaged, resolving family conflicts in tight quarters, carving out both time and space for everyone’s needs, defining a new identity – having recently departed the rat race back home, and dealing with the never ending stream of boat maintenance projects.  I met some amazing people and strengthened relationships with others whom I’d only recently met.  The cruising community is a small but hearty bunch who for the most part want to help you succeed.  

La Cruz was a cross roads for boaters of all kinds – Cruisers who have circumnavigated to those who just barely left the states and have only just begun their long litany of stupid boat tricks (yup…pretty sure that’s us), old timers who have sea stories and experience to pass on before they give up their sea legs for a new life on land and young couples taking a sabbatical from work or perhaps hoping to find employment in a foreign land they sail to, boat owners and those seeking a crew position to gain some experience, boats actively prepping to cross the Pacific and others that will head back in to the Sea of Cortez or bash back up to the states, racers who come for the regattas and powerboats of all sizes with all sorts of destinations in mind.  Such diversity and such a breeding ground for inspiration.  The possibilities for world travel are truly endless, limited only by your own fears and reservations…and of course a sturdy, seaworthy vessel to get you there.  So until next season, I bid you adieu La Cruz.  Thank you for the fond memories, fellowship, and friendships that will last a lifetime!

This post is late,,,but we have a great excuse.  Yesterday we moved and when you’re taking your entire home on the move among long lines (off the coast), whales and various navigation points, we tend to focus on that instead of getting posts out.

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