Folks who shine a spotlight on smaller blogs are they usually run larger blogs and allow smaller bloggers to get noticed.

Ok Ok, I admit I didn’t get the post done that I wanted to get done but I am using valuable Wifi time here to put out a reblog for another MUCH larger blogger.  Why would I do this?  I’m sitting on a boat in the middle of an anchorage using valuable Wifi time rebloging her weekend post….cause I think it’s important enough to do.  See…folks who write for much larger blogs often use their websites to gather smaller bloggers (like me) together and try to get their many viewers to take a look at some of these smaller websites…thus trying to get their bounty of readers to expand the horizons.  I think this is brilliant and I appreciate it…so I pay it back by republishing the page so others can look at it.  If you want to find smaller bloggers who have unique points of view, take a look inside this post at her site and see if you find ones that you click with- or not!

And…remember that the HelmsMistress will be putting out a great story on Weds as we prep to start north (maybe as early as next week).




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