Quincy hears the Whales!

Did you know that only MALE Humback Whales sing the distinctive whale slogs you’ve heard about in movies, wildlife shows and elsewhere?  Yep…it’s true and Miss Quincy the Great Dane can hear them more often than we can.  She can also hear the momma and baby whale’s breathing and she can see and hear the dolphins as they play close close to the boat.  To our surprise, all this activity doesn’t seem to drive her nuts and she seems to take it all in stride.  However, one of her feeders is an avid whale watcher and when there’s whales…there’s no way to break her away from her whale watching time.  Wanna know more about Miss Quincy the Great Dane or her whale watching?  Come back in comments and ask away..she’ll put her paws into it and answer you back.

Yep, we live on a cruising sailboat with a Great Dane, two small kids and a Big Green Egg.  We love our nomadic lifestyle (which is NOT like camping) and taking our home with us as we move…but most of all I love the ability to travel with my dog and family.  Having to make a choice between cruising and the dog would not have worked for us…so we just took her with us.  She’s a handful but she’s our handful.

For the first time in our lives, we’ve been able to lay in bed and hear these same sounds as the high pitch songs of the romantic Humpback males come through the fiberglass hull of the boat, making a tune like no other.  Humpback Males sing to attract a mate or show dominance via their crooning skills or any myriad of other reasons…but we benefit just by listening to the majestic songs of the sea.  the population has recovered and seems to be doing well…which is a relief to folks who depend on the whales for their living.  The songs travel for long distances through the water, meaning the males may be miles away, but their songs travel with the tides.  The highlight of this place has been the whales…and the good weather.  But soon it will be time to start traveling again and we’re starting to get ansy…ready to get going soon.

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