Cruiser Teagan tells you how scary cruising turns into fun cruising!

I’m going to say this outright: cruising is hard. Sure, maybe its worth it for a really pretty or fun place, but it can have it’s downsides, and can sometimes be just downright SCARY. But that’s okay. Sure, I’m new to this whole cruiser kid thing, but I get around.  It’s scary, especially since it’s going on for three days, with water pounding on the hull, every now and then mom or dad shouting for us to hold on, and the waves are so big, even your dad, an experienced sailor, is surprised. This was one of many crossings that freaked me out. On the first crossing, on the second day (also our SECOND day of cruising!), our accemetric sail ripped, and then I knew something: cruising is hard, can sometimes seem dangerous, and can be scary (I know, I’ve said that 5 times already. But this is how I feel!) sometimes.

Of course, this is NOT at all how cruising is. Some days, your sailing smoothly along, not a care in the world. Others, it can be scary. But not always. Cruising can be A LOT of fun, if you just see it differently. On crossings, hair chalk or hair coloring can be a lot of fun, as well as reading, maybe sometimes phones or I-pads, playing with a pet, drawing or painting, and TONS of other cool stuff!  In the anchorage or marina, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, and other watersports can be fun, too.  Or maybe, you’ll go see a friend. In the few months that I have been cruising, I’ve had the privalige of trying many of these things and have had so much fun!

I think that the highlight of cruising, for me, so far, has been the other cruiser kids. It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one out there. Its been especially fun radioing, swimming, talking, playing, having sleepovers, or maybe just paddle boarding over to say hi. You never know. Although I miss my class and friends back at home, I’m still in contact with them, and I doubt they have forgotten about me. You know, cruising really isn’t that bad. It’s quite fun, and most times I’m scared, the feeling goes away quickly. Thank you for reading this report.  Cruiser Teagan….Up And Out

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  1. Wow Teagan. That sounds so amazing and incredible. You are so brave and what an adventure you all are having. Happy ❤️❤️Valentines Day to you all!!!!!

  2. TEAGAN!!! Loved reading this!!! Your honesty is fabulous. And you can’t have bravery without fear – so keep on being brave and having fun. I really hear you in that it’s BOTH. I get it.
    We are all in Maui right now, enjoying the tropics like you, but only for 2 weeks. Your life is impressive and awe inspiring!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂
    Love you all…. xoxo

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