Ever been on a Chris White Designed Catamaran? Come Take Our Quick Photo Tour-

I’ve never been on board a Chris White designed Catamaran of any kind; so when I was given the chance to get onboard a large one while she was getting a complete overhaul, I jumped at the chance.  This large and impressive beast had already circumnavigated and it’s owner decided to have a complete overhaul done prior to sale.  The company doing the overhaul is Sea Tek Mexico, owned by Mr. Pedro (Peter) Vargas.  Peter Vargas started as a Janitor with Sea Tek Rigging in Long Beach, Ca and became a rigger after that.  Eventually, he owned the company in Long Beach before deciding to move the business to La Cruz, Mexico (Puerto Vallarta).  We had never heard of the business before the Ha-Ha, but Peter Vargas and Sea Tek came highly recommended by Richard Spindler and the Ha-Ha.  When we had to haul out in La Cruz, we engaged Sea Tek to work on Tulum and after nearly a week of good relations with Peter Vargas and the Sea Tek team I asked if I could sneak a peek inside the cat they were working on.  I was stoked when they said yes and I was able to get access to the first Chris White Designed Catamaran I’d ever been on…taking the time to look closely at the design features and take some quick pictures.  Since the boat is getting an overhaul and will be on sale on the west coast sometime in the future…I’m not mentioning her name, length or exact make…so bear with me as I present these photos.

Overhaul of a Chris White Design In Pictures

Impressive any way you look at her, much larger than this photo makes her look! 

Coming up her transom on a scaffold and managing to get my shoes off without falling, there was no way I was going to capture the full width and depth of her cockpit with my dinky iPhone camera….as I didn’t have the big camera with me that day. 

The sight lines from the cockpit are impressive.  This cat has one of the famous Chris White forward cockpits as well as an inside cockpit.


Forward Cockpit torn apart, repainted and getting put back together.  Highly functional and great sight lines. 

Again, I couldn’t do justice to the impressive amount of room in the main cabin, cause my camera couldn’t get it all in one shot. Great finish work and lots of details that you might miss if you don’t look carefully.  Of course with a forward cockpit, there’s a watertight door in place that you can see in the photo. 

Down Galley on the Starboard side.  Of course, it’s all torn up in the photo…but the boat’s getting overhauled so this is to be expected.  We have a pass-through galley also so this seems like a world of galley space to us. 

Starboard stern berth getting prepped for work.  Again, lots of details that I noticed and have not seen on many other cats I’ve toured. 

Looking forward through the Galley on the starboard side. 

Port stern berth.  Next picture shows you what’s in that large recess under the bunk. 

That recess under the bunk is larger than it looks in my picture.  Lots of updated and functional equipment in here, well mounted and wired.

One of the berths.  Simple and highly functional. 

One of the heads on board.  Look close, there’s a lot packed into a small space.  There’s a sink and vanity behind the door that you can’t see, the head and then a small separate shower space.  Again, it seems to be very well thought out. 

Coming down off the boat and looking closely at the hull, it’s clear she’s been given the full treatment for her bottom.  Both props fold and everything underneath looked solid. 

Another hull view- 

A Chris White catamaran in full overhaul.  After spending time on and under the boat while she was hauled out, I was left with the impression that she would be a fast, safe and stable passage maker.  Additional descriptives that come to mind are functional and minimalist.  

If you haven’t guessed by now from this post and others…I love looking at unique boats and then figuring out how I’m going to present that boat in writing and pictures to anyone who might want to read my website.  Mr. Peter Vargas presented me with a great chance to go see a unique boat that I had never been on…so I of course jumped at the chance.  

LF2SF runs this website and writes as we cruise (in Mexico) on our own boat with our kids and Great Dane.  We have no financial relations with Peter Vargas or Sea Tek (except that he did some work on the boat and we paid for it).  We do have a Patreon Site that we would love for you to check out and support…..buy us a beer or buy Quincy some dog food.  But the best thing is having you follow our site and continue reading as we go!

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