A gentle reminder to my feeders about the things I'm good at on the boat....ya know...as a Great Dane.

Quincy is not happy that I failed to publish her story yesterday (Sunday) like I should have…so she had a counseling session with me and made me promise to publish her story today.  This is despite the fact that I had other content to release…but she’s a big Great Dane with a mind of her own.  So here’s her story…one day late:

What Are Great Danes Good For? 

Good morning, I wanted to introduce myself before I go into my story about what Great Danes are good for- I’m Quincy Dane and I live on a sailboat currently cruising in Mexico with two kids and my adult feeders.  I decided to put together this post to remind my feeders that I can do things besides sleep….so here’s the top 5 things I’m good for on a cruising sailboat:

Barking At Pangas:   I’m incredibly good at barking at pangas…no matter how far away they are from the boat.  Close or really far away…if I can hear them then I’m up and giving them a good bark.  I do good, as I always seem to scare the pangas away….you know…they tend to go away after coming past the boat.

Quincy scaring away pangas all morning.

Cuddling With Kids:  I’m good at cuddling with my kids, no matter what the weather or dark the night.  Great Danes are simply great reassurance to have with you anywhere.

Channeling Jacques Cousteau: No kidding, my hearing is much better than my human’s hearing and I generally hear things before they even see them.  On passage, I can hear many more things out there than they can and I often just looks at them funny when they make a big deal out of dolphins…no kidding I hear them first.

Taking Care of The Boat:  The boat belongs to me…the Great Dane.  I’m not kidding, the boat is home to both the family and the Great Dane Dog and I protects it like it’s mine.  Few folks will come up to the boat without me (Quincy) knowing they’re there and allowing them to come up or not come up.  It’s my job.

Leg Rest:  Yep, sometimes I’m used as a leg rest and don’t mind as long as I’m around the family.  I’m tall enough to be a great leg rest but only allow the little one to do it.

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