Great Dane on a cruising sailboat....SURE...sounds like a great idea!

Every single Sunday our Great Dane (Quincy) writes a Sunday column to dispense her wisdom as a dog who lives on a cruising sailboat.  Quincy the Boat Dog lives on a sailboat currently in the Puerto Vallarta Mexico and she regards that boat as hers…like it’s her home and she prefers you not get near it unless cleared by her humans.  She often barks her stories out but sometimes she does get motivated and take to the keyboard all by herself….putting all four paws into the job of writing a great Sunday column.  Today is no exception…as Quincy Dog the Boat Great Dane is excited to discuss this past week and her excitement to be back on the docks.  Wanna come along for her wisdom…keep reading:

From the paws of Quincy the Boat Great Dane: “This past week the humans took the boat back off the slip and out into the anchorage.  I don’t mind being at anchor that much cause I have less to worry about except those pangas that keep coming by and the occasional whale in the anchorage.  The humans try to take me into shore once a day or so…but frankly I’ve become used to hanging around on the boat and don’t mind it so much anymore.  The humans…they do things like jump in the water and make a big deal about whales and dolphins…little do they know that I hear those things long before they even come close to seeing them.  The humans…they’re not so smart about seeing things, but I keep a close eye on the boat as it’s MINE.  The humans just don’t understand this but I keep training them to make sure they’re aware of it.  You know, I write this column every Sunday.  So if you’re a human or a dog and need advice about dogs on boats…hit my human back and he’ll probably take all the credit for the writing and attempt to advise you.  Ok, typing with my paws is hard work and I’ve used my energy for the day doing this, so I’m gonna go take a nap.”

LF2SF uses their cruising sailboat as a floating home and adventure base for the two kids and the Great Dane; already swimming with whale sharks, hanging with sea lions, observing humpback whales less than 100 feet off the boat and snorkeling in numerous locations.  We love what we’re doing and want to keep it up.  We can’t do that unless you follow our adventures on this website….it keeps our energy up.  If you like our writing and want a way to help feed the Quincy Dog, check out our Patreon site and donate if you feel like it.


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