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Kids Corner: Ramblings of a Boat Kid by Teagan

Hello. I have a lot of stuff to write about.  First of all, the most exciting thing that’s happened since we left the marina (it’s really rocky. One of these days, we’re gonna have a repeat of Muertos!!!) is: So, the “La Cruz kids club” (totally recommended) does a cool trash boat regatta every year and me and my sister decided to do it too. I collected trash with Levi and Everest (other kids here too).  Unfortunately neither of them could not make it to the boat building…so I did it myself (with some help on making the sails from mom).  I did make it kinda pretty, but who can blame me?  We tested it out before we left, and the wind actually caught the sails and it sailed! Kind of…and dad said that with a little adjusting, I would go a lot faster! A lot of the other other boats looked a lot faster, though, like my friends boat. They’re boat is one of those mono hulls that has two other hulls on either side, kinda like the boats that ancient Hawaiians used. The teens have also got a really awesome boat, too. Its basically exactly like my friends boat, except their boat is made out of bottles, while the teen’s boat is made out of a kind of tannish flexiglass. They both have really good made sails, made out of a plastic bag, and they both are really good.  Anyway, I gotta go. SAILOR/BOAT BUILDER TEAGAN UP AND OUT.

We live on a 51′ (1977) Aleutian Ketch (a cruising sailboat) with our two kids and our Great Dane.  We give both of our daughters time to write and be published on our website simply to give them a voice from the boat also and communicate with any other kids out there who want to talk via the blog.  This gives the girls a voice to discuss kid boat issues with others and allows us a safety net for their communications with others, since we read everything that comes and goes.  Makes me more comfortable.  We don’t mandate that our kids write about much of anything specific, just that they write and learn to communicate in the world around them.  

We’re a small self-published website that usually done from a cruising sailboat or anywhere we can find with strong wi-fi and cold beer.  Wanna help us out….FOLLOW US.  Wanna help us some more…buy us a cold beer or Quincy some dog food?  Check out our Patreon Site. 







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