Dropping the slip for awhile to get back on anchor.

After a week sucking fiberglass in the boatyard and doing smaller boat projects….we headed back to the slip to recharge batteries and fill up fresh water tanks.  More than anything we wanted out of the slip for awhile….so we took off over the weekend to head out to the La Cuz anchorage for a change of scenery.  It didn’t disappoint as the “Blessing of the Boats” is going on this month (read:  parties, fireworks, folks on vacation) and the anchorage decided to have little wind…meaning the swell coming into the boat was broadside.  Not nearly as bad as we’ve had in other places, but it made for a bit of a rolly anchorage.  Not to worry though….we love being at anchor and Michelle snapped this cool picture to share with all of you- 

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