We’re back in the yard – Can I get three cheers for the fourth time in a year of boatyard dwelling?  Woot Woot Woot!!!  This time I must say the surrounding scenery is much nicer;  we didn’t have to travel very far or better yet, be towed to get here; and we’re not living aboard 13 feet in the air with a precarious ladder between us and solid ground.  Landlubbers we be!

This is our boggle but was not anticipated for Tulum V and it all started during our southern crossing when we found water- (salt water to be specific), where we wouldn’t like to see it.  Not gushing, just something that warranted some monitoring and further attention once we reached La Cruz.  Internal inspection yielded no source of the water, so our next step was a haulout to inspect the integrity of the hull.  As you can see by the photo below, our girl is less than satisfied to be out of water…again (perhaps her beard of bottom growth is further compounding her frustration – spa day is coming!).

Time in the yard is a necessary evolution for any boat, however you hope that it happens on your terms and not due to whatever recent dysfunction has reared its ugly head.  This time it was not anticipated as we had just hauled less than a year ago and thoroughly inspected and refit everything we anticipated for our trip.  I learned from last summer when we had no engine for 3 months and little optimism that we would make the HaHa that attitude is everything.  It is what you can control and it is so critical, especially when you have kids.  We don’t sugarcoat things in our family, but we also don’t steal hope.  There are times we just embrace the suck (can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that since we’ve been cruising), and realize perhaps we’re being spared from a future disaster with the timing of certain events in this journey of boat ownership.  I wasted too much time last summer choosing to be victim to circumstance: my boat’s state of dysfunction.  Every conversation seemed to surround the damn boat engine because it was standing between us and our next chapter: When will it be fixed?  Will insurance cover any of it?  How much will it cost and can we reasonably afford it?  What caused it?  Will we be able to leave on the Baja-Haha?…all unknowns at the time.  Guess what?  Time marches on.  All I did with my “woe is me” state was contribute to my kids state of apprehension and doubt about what we had been selling to them as an “amazing opportunity” and “exciting new lifestyle”.  Buck up camper, I can’t make that mistake this time.

So, we are staying in a beautiful tropical location near the boatyard, in close proximity to friends and the many incredible activities the La Cruz Marina has to offer.  The show must go on!  Homeschooling under a beautiful palapa with an occasional visit from our new student and feisty feathered friend, Cruz – done!  Shifting our lesson plan because someone left behind an entire volume of Horrible History books in the cruising lounge – done and thank you!  Walking a bit further to yoga and sailing presentations– I need the exercise!  Taking time to explore this tiny authentic Mexican village and hopefully improve my Spanish – por supuesto!  There is opportunity in every life event.  Sometimes it is more challenging and painful to see, but it is there, waiting for those who seek it.  We took this trip in part with hopes of teaching our kids resilience in the face of adversity.  If I can’t model a positive outlook with a minor setback like this, what behavior am I teaching my kids for future, more critical life events?

Enjoying Home School with the new student

Many thanks to Kat of the Marina La Cruz and Mike of PV Sailing who have provided a wealth of resources, support and allowed the kids to thoroughly enjoy their menagerie of animals (possum, parrot, duck, cats and dogs…you know the usual domestic pets).  We’re also grateful to be surrounded by so many cruising families who provide support, inspiration and good cheer.  Instead of being stymied this time, we’re moving forward and embracing the opportunities around us.  Hope to have Tulum V splashed in the water again soon!

The author of this post and the upcoming post (Weds) about Whale Sharks is the Tulum V HelmsMistress…with editing and posting responsibilities falling to me.

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