Dock Cats and Parrots make Quincy's List of Top 10 Rivals.

Tulum’s been hauled out for 5 days with 2-3 more days expected, so there’s no way Quincy the Boat Dog (a Great Dane) could be writing this column today if she’s stuck in the kennel.  So I’m helping her out this morning with a bit of writing because she’s asked me to show you part of her dock frustrations.  Ever seen a Great Dane frustrated? Read on:

Ever since we arrived here…Quincy the Boat Dog has had some frustrations with the dock situation.  See…there’s Cats.  Lots of Cats.  Lots of Cats who think they own the dock and don’t even bother to get out of the human’s way.  But they do get out of Quincy’s way..once she’s made a fuss with barking and snarling and attempting to greet the cats.  One of the Cats owns the dock more than others and doesn’t seem to have a respect for Quincy or her obvious complaints about the Cat-y situation.  So to put this in perspective…here’s Pancho the dock cat…who owns the dock.

But since we had to become landlubbers…another situation has arisen that definitely would have taken the attention off the big Great Dane.  We’ve met Cruz the Parrot…and we had to make sure we respected her….cause she walks the property and is especially chatty, often saying hello in Spanish and English.

Cruz is really no ordinary parrot.  She doesn’t fly but hasn’t ever been clipped and like other parrots…she’s fairly independent and seems to have a lust for life.  She really does cruise around the property on her two stubby legs…getting everywhere and hanging out with the kids and us.  This makes homeschooling hard as Cruz isn’t a great student and doesn’t listen too well…yells in class and that sort of thing.

So honestly, these things are great distractions for a crew landlocked and worried about their home (boat) pulled out of the water, but we’ve been working on the boat daily and are looking forward to splashing next week.  More than that, we look forward to getting Quincy the Great Dane back from the kennel and back into the fold of life.  She’s as much a part of the crew as the rest of us, she just couldn’t stay here and be comfortable with all the rivals and distractions around that would also take up our attention.

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