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It’s nearly the New Year and we’ve gotten Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way.  We spent several weeks at a slip in La Paz effecting repairs and changing out our batteries…so by the time you read this we hope to be about halfway through our Southern Crossing from Baja to the Mainland.  There’s multiple ways to do the crossing to the mainland…we’ve chosen to go back to Muertos from La Paz and jump from there.  We’re following the track of friends of ours (Allan and Rina) on Follow You Follow Me, who did the same trip several weeks ago.  We’ve watched and waited for weather window’s and this week seems to have a decent lull in Northerly’s.  So for a couple of months, we’re trading a desert coastline on Baja for a tropical coastline in Banderas Bay.  Loved La Paz, we’ll be back in March.  

Once we reach Banderas Bay and get decent internet, we’ll work hard on our great Whale Shark video’s and do a complete post on swimming with them as well as our expedition to Los Islotes to see the Sea Lions.   

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    1. Hi, thanks so much for the note, It’s wasn’t all smooth but we’ll cover that in coming posts. But we’re here and we’re moving through life-

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