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At LF2SF, we try to leave things better than we found them.  We don’t ever dump plastic trash into the ocean anywhere and we try to clean up after Quincy the Boat Dog everywhere that we can.  Quincy feels the same way and often just wants to be on the beache to do her puppy laps back and forth and then retire back to her boat to sleep.

Quincy Says:  “Take photos and Leave Footprints”

Quincy’s Been Here…the beach at Frailes, where we left only footprints.

In case you’re reading for the first time- Quincy the Boat Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on our cruising sailboat (currently located in the Sea of Cortez) while we figure out how to keep cruising as long as possible.  She’s often spoiled more than we are but has to endure things like a (tiny) grass mat on the bow (when she can’t get to shore), overnight passages, flying fish and some low-grade seasickness.  In exchange…she gets to go to perfect white sand beaches, avoid crabs on other beaches and hang out with her family full time.  Did you know that Great Danes just REALLY want to be around their people (who feed them) and we don’t think they really care where they are.  This is from our experience with 3 different Danes.  All we ask of Quincy is that she guard the boat when we’re not around…which she does- very well.

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