Swimming with Whale Skarks from a 10-year old POV. Get inspired by these gentle giants- longer story on Christmas Day with video and more photos.

Kids Corner is a feature on this website and blog that my 10-year old writes as weekly post about whatever’s on her mind at the time.  We do this to allow her to have a voice on the website and get her to correspond with other kids around the world while she’s out here with us having the unique experience of living full time on a cruising sailboat (our floating hovel).  While we’re not that unique in this adventure (there’s lots of other boats with kids), we want still want to have our own experiences and allow both the 10-year old AND the 7-year old to write about it in their own words with light editing (for content) from me.  So here’s writing from both kids:

From Teagan (10 years old):

WE.JUST.WENT.SWIMMING.WITH.THE.BIGGEST.FISH.IN.THE.WORLD………A WHALESHARK!!!! It was so cool, I mean, you think its gonna be scary, like they might swallow you whole (but they can’t, their throats are like as big as, like, your eyeball), or hit you really hard or something, but usually, they just don’t want to be disturbed, and then they won’t do anything. But they were like, REALLY big, like most of them were bigger than the boat (it was a ponga though). They were just moseyin’ along, trying to find some food.

These creatures are really big, and usually they’ll be fine. just get in the water slowly and don’t get too close, or else you could spook it, and it will swim away before you can see it really good, or get some photos with your underwater cam. Sometimes, before you can see it, it will be swimming too fast for you see it. Don’t worry, though, the guide said that the only day that they didn’t see one was because it was only days before the whale shark season ended (I don’t recommend reserving it around that time). I’m going to post some videos on our YouTube Channel. It’s really important that we don’t touch them, because we have bacteria on our hands, and if we touch them, we’ll transfer that bacteria to them, harming their skin, and we don’t want that. It is so important that we preserve this amazing species. In Asia, they like to eat shark fin soup. What is so sad is, they toss the body of the sharks in the back in the ocean and leave it to die. just think about it…. Teagan Up and Out! 

From Kellyn (7 years old)- her first post that she wrote on her own: 

LITERALLY. JUST. SWAM. WITH. THE. WORLD’S. LARGEST. FISH! [And I’m seriously NOT kidding]. A Whale Shark. Have you ever seen one? Like, not in photos or videos or something, but actually going in the water? Well I have. [Plus my family and some other people].

And if you are scared here’s some stuff you need to know: 1.They can’t and won’t swallow you because…their esophagus[which is a fancy shmancy word for throat]is really tiny. 2.They eat plankton. [NOT people]. 3. You should stay 2 meters away their body and 3 meters away from their tails for safety.  KK-shazaam!

So yep, that’s writing about our expedition to swim with the world’s largest fish.  The truth is that all the whale sharks here are juveniles but we did see at least one whale shark who swam under our panga who was longer than the boat, probably 20 feet total.  

Get ready for a Christmas Gift on Wednesday, you can see pics, video (on YouTube) and read our full story about the trip.  Hopefully we may inspire you to come see these gentle giants yourself-

WHALE SHARK! Baby Whale Shark swimming beside the ponga as we prep to leave the whale shark habitat and protected area. Wanna read more? See our story on Christmas Day-

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Also…always remember to sunscreen so you don’t get sun skinned and leathery.


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  1. Welcome to the club! Isnt it amazing swimming with the gentle giants! That remains one of the favorite things I’ve done too. Glad to hear you ladies are having some great times- I look forward to reading more about your adventures!!! Happy holidays!!!

  2. Let bed your interview. So sounds like u two chatting. Have a good crossing. Talk to u in 2020. Live grandma and pa

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