Tulum Anchored between islands at Partida.

Somewhere in the Sea of Cortez: 

It’s December and I’m still running around in a bikini and washing up by jumping off the back of the boat – what’s not to love?!  We have yet to hit a marina and I must say, I love being at anchor with scenery in all directions.  The Sea of Cortez offers endless remote anchorages which I still cannot fathom.  This place is an ecological playground with breathtaking views and warm weather – How is it not packed to the gills with tourists?  I’m blown away that a place like this still exists and am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy it with my family.  Bahia Los Frailes offered our first opportunity for snorkeling and did not disappoint.  From huge schools of gargantuan parrotfish to the smallest most brilliant reef fish swimming around colorful heads of coral, there was an entire underwater playground to enjoy.  The best part is having the kids grab your hand, point, and exclaim something entirely incomprehensible through their snorkel as they spot another underwater treasure swimming around us.  We rounded up to the islands of Espiritu Santo and Partida to enjoy the incredible ecosystem I have longed for months to visit.  The red rock desert landscape submerging into the ocean at sunset is a sight that should not be missed.  Our paddleboard to shore yesterday yielded turtles in the bay, but the bigger treat was waiting for us ashore.  As we got scope-locked looking down in the water for stingrays and crabs, I heard Teagan say “Oh my gosh!”.  I turned to see her staring at the sand and as I did the same I realized the little “pebbles” we’d been overlooking on the beach were all moving in unison.  They were not pebbles at all, but hundreds of fiddler crabs all moving in unison away from the colossal two legged creatures who had now invaded their beach.  They literally covered the beach and I had to slow down my stride to make sure I didn’t step on them.  So happy to experience these moments with the kids.

Partida: Kids swimming off the back of Tulum.


Playing Godzilla with hundreds of Fiddler Crabs


Excited to be in Baja….finally.

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  1. You’re living the dream and an inspiration to families daydreaming of the dream.
    Great post too.

  2. Love you guys…..and miss you bunches. This is such an incredible adventure….thank you for sharing it with us.

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