Quincy wants to help you clean up you're cluttered sunscreens all over the boat or house...check out her post!

Does this picture look familiar if you live on a boat or spend lots of time outdoors?  This was how Quincy’s sunscreen box looked before she found a solution and she wants to share that solution with you today.  But, you’ve got to read on to find out how a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat can help you with all your assorted sunscreens!  Look carefully…you’ll see different brands, different SPF’s and even some stuff we had left over from our long distance triathlon days.   Read on….

Currently reporting from La Paz, BC Mexico:   Quincy the Boat Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat.  She has just spent 30 days straight out of a marina and outside the US cruising down Baja California, avoiding a Tropical Storm and cruising some radical islands as she spends her time on a cruising sailboat.  However…just before she left she noted how cluttered things seemed to be with over 10 different brands of sunscreen and lots of different SPF’s.  She was concerned because they were not all reef safe, the SPF’s were dubious in some cases and all different brands have different labeling.  After doing some research, we decided that we liked sunscreen with macro ingredients that could be put on EVERY single day without being greasy, that was reef safe, wouldn’t stain our clothes and would stay on at least half a day.  We were also concerned because anything over 30+ SPF is dubious to say the least and has diminishing returns and higher pricing.  We need sunscreen we can use every day that can be easily carried, not leak and can take the heat and water that’s always present on or off our boat.  I also know that the one spot on the body that’s in the sun the most is our faces…so I wanted something I could use EVERY day on my face without breaking out and without worrying about crying or having it run when we sweated.  We found both the face saver and the sunscreen we wanted when we researched “Raw Elements“.  Click the link, read about it, give it a try for yourself.  We’re using it every day…and it’s working.  

If you decided to buy from the company…use the coupon code “Sail Fast” for an extra 10% off and tell them that LF2SF sent you.  We were kind of sponsored by the company when they sent us a big box of swag, but since then we’ve been buying it just like guys.  Ow…and Quincy likes it too-


Yup, this was a raw, unrefined pitch to get you to look into Raw Elements because we use it and I know it’s good stuff.  We’d also love to get some more sponsorship from them.  Quincy’s Corner is published every Sunday that we have internet connectivity as we’re getting our outside on and cast off the docklines in early November for adventure! 

Wanna help feed Quincy or buy us a beer? Have a look at our Patreon Page and follow this website!  Have a great day- 

PS: Some of the crew also uses sunscreen from EMI M.D. that’s pretty fantastic too!


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