We untied the docklines and went for it!

First reliable internet as we were off a dock for 30-days straight.  Knowing we needed some work done and running low on provisions and patience, we decided to splurge on a dock in La Paz, BC Mexico and get some work done on the boat, primarily with our engine.  I’ll write more about that in the next few days and won’t spare the details, but safe to say we didn’t have a great experience with our engine rebuild in San Diego.  We’re also working on power and charging systems while we’re here.  Boat has done very well, Miss Quincy has done very well and we’ve made up for the time we spent on the dock waiting on the engine to be rebuilt.  We avoided the worst of Tropical Storm Raymond, learned how to sail better DDW (dead-down wind) and completely shredded our Asymetrical Spinnaker.  I’ll work though some of these lessons as I continue to post, but needless to say…crew and boat-dog have had their teeth broken in by 30 days off the dock and we’re looking forward to more.  

From somewhere to the right of the Baja Coast: Tulum under way-

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  1. There is nothing like an adventure- and one never knows what it’ll bring… other than great stories later! Glad everyone is doing well! Miss you all terribly…

  2. Great to hear an update! I am sure the crew deserves a little “splurge”. Looking forward to hearing about that Spinnaker!

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