Coming to you from Baja Cantina in Cabo San Lucas:

Bottom line, we made it to Cabo San Lucas but had to hide from Tropical Storm Raymond for nearly 6 days in Man O’ War Cove, Mag Bay, BC Mexico.  We’ve been here in Cabo for 3 days and leave tomorrow due to more weather coming into the area.  We’re heading to Frailes, with Thanksgiving in Muertos.  While we did have minor unexpected damage to the boat, overall it was great sailing weather coming down the coast.  More to come as we go,,,,whenever I find internet.  Miss Quincy will be on her usual advice page tomorrow….and the big announcement is that we will start featuring a column every weds (when we have internet) written by Mich featuring her take on cruising and sailing…obviously from a different point of view than mine.  

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  1. Good to hear. Wonderful to also have Michelle on board the writing page. Have a good run to Frailes and Muertos happy thanksgiving wherever.

  2. Glad to hear you are all doing well! So happy for you guys (and a wee bit jealous?) Lookong forward to the next posts!

  3. Hola mi amigos,
    Isn’t it crazy with these late-season storms? We are in La Paz. I think you’ll enjoy any amount of time here. We will be here at least thru Dec 2nd. If you are coming down the channel at 8 am, listen to the net on 22a. And at the Que, announce your arrival. Kyrie is also here.
    Safe sailing and happy turkey day!
    SV Dharma Girl

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