good reading book for someone who already writes but wants to work through a blog as well. I'd recommend for those newer writers who want to start putting their books out via a webpage-

this is a post about a book thus it’s called…a book review. 

This afternoon I’m reviewing “blogging for writers” by Robin Houghton and published by The Ilex Press.  It’s copywrited in 2014 and comes in at just over 172 pages…with full color and pictures inside the insider stories in the book.  Gotta be honest, this book has been sitting in my desk pile for over a year now and I grabbed it to read in 2017, intent on being a better blogger by finding any tips and snippets I could.  This is one of those books I found in an actual bookstore and I read it cover to cover, often taking notes from some of the informative tips in the book.  The book is divided into twelve chapters and takes the writer into the blogging world step by step.  This book is a one-stop shop….when you’re done you’ll have a beginner blog and 100,000 followers if you read it chapter by chapter and order it from my link above via Amazon!  No, I’m teasing you.  I think this book will be a great first step for those folks who are already artists, writers or any kind of creative soul looking to start a basic blog or website and run with it from there.  I did read it cover to cover and gleaned a number of tips from it, but some of the info was a bit bland for me.  I did like the success stories and the info about aspiring writers ability to get their writing published in any format. 

For $10 dollars and some change, this is a great book for a new blogger or writer to read and learn from.  


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