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Tulum’s Out! Baja HaHa Today

I’ve spent nearly four years writing and commenting on this blog so we could work toward today.  Interesting that some folks are still surprised that we’re actually leaving?

After nearly 10 weeks of not having an engine and not being able to sail, practice and learn more about the boat…the engine finally went it via a crane and C-frame.
Then it took an entire week at the boatyard to get the engine running, but finally it did roar to life again, sounding perfect.

 After nearly no time to test the engine (despite clearly communicating our timelines and goals to mechanics)…we made the decision that we were heading out.  The best thing about Baja Haha on the West Coast of the US is that it sets a timeline and a goal.  We’ve had this in mind for the last several years…selling our house, putting all our crap in storage and selling both of our cars.  We set goals and milestones on purpose and now we’re crossing one of those rubicons in life…interesting cause so many people apparently didn’t think we’d actually leave the dock.  Today we’re leaving the dock and heading out on Baja Haha with about 126 other boats and 500 other people.  This won’t be a long or great post because I’ve got so many other things to do to prep for our crew coming on board and getting ready to go.  We’ll pick back up in about two weeks when I can grab some internet in Cabo San Lucas.  We’ve worked hard to get here and we’re going. This blog will keep on going from Baja/Sea of Cortez where we’ll be for the next year-

So glad to get off the dock and go adventuring. Keep following, we’ll keep doing stories-


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