HOLA, AMIGOS! How y’all doin’? guess what? WE LEAVE ON MONDAY (WHITCH IS 3 DAYS FROM NOW)!!!! I am personally SOOOO excited! We’re going to be bringing a guy named Jeff and his daughters too (I’m so excited to finally have someone to hang out with!!!)! we luckily got the engine in okay, and mom and dad fueled up yesterday, so I think we’ve got everything covered okay. Oh, and I got my braces off a few days ago, too! I’ve gotta wear this clear retainer that hurts SO MUCH. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, we get along. BUT I HAVE TO WEAR IT FOR THE REST OF THE TRIP! I HATE it!!! Luckily, the parents are letting us take Quincy(our HUGE dog)!!! But yesterday, Thursday (A.K.A. HALLOWEEN!!!), we had to say goodbye to everyone at school, cause yesterday was our last day at school. I’m really going to miss everyone…sniffle…TEAGAN UP AND OUT…

Teagan is a 10-year old girl who lives on a sailboat that leaves to go cruising Monday.  This will be her last consistent blog post because internet will be sparse as we go down Baja, so you’ll hear from her when we can get internet- 

WE are a cruising family with a Great Dane and two girls on a boat going south.  We would LOVE to have you follow our adventures as we go!

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  1. That’s awesome news we are so happy for you! Sorry to hear about the retainer ouch …. I hear seawater air helps the pain go away😃⛵️ We will miss you and crew here at the marina. Safe Travels!

  2. Loved your posting. Bet u get use to the retainer. See u Saturday. Soooooo excited for all the crew of TulumV

  3. Happy belated Halloween T! Dont let the retainer get you down… it’s totally worth it in the end (dont lose it!)… wishing you happy and safe journeys- I look forward to reading your posts! 😃

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