Quincy the Great Dane lives on a sailboat. She’s 5, gray and 130 pounds. On Monday the 4th of November, she wants to leave the US for parts unknown with her feeder/walker to become a real sailing Great Dane. These are her thoughts: “I’m back on this boat thing after 5 days in the kennel. We’re somewhere different, the docks buckle and move when I jump onto them. It’s a bitch trying to type on his phone with my claws…much easier to use his keyboard. I’m feeling lazy this morn…the Sea Lions barking all night was ok but the damn birds around us are heck in my ears. And….the band playing near us was pretty loud too (Oingo Boingo). Ok, here’s a quick dawn photo then I’m back to bed. One more Quincys Corner before we leave”-

See, she had a rough night of sleeping soundly then getting me up for her morning walk! We’re excited to be close to leaving, one more weekend till we leave- hopefully on Monday the 4th. Please stick with us or consider following us as we press forward into this adventure.

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