We’re sitting in a boatyard…still. Our engine was dropped back in the boat by crane on Monday…but it’s not running yet and we’re stuck here over this weekend. As a sailing blogist…I try to be fair and unemotional; but it’s really damn frustrating to still be sitting in this boatyard after not having an engine in the boat for 9-weeks. And of course…we pay the boatyard and our regular slip and we pay the mechanics to eventually get the engine running. There’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster going on…cause we still want to leave on Nov the 4th. Even so, we’ve got to put some engine hours on before leaving…and do the million other things needed to prep the boat and prep for crew coming on board (like cleaning). Once we get an engine running, we think we’ll be on a downhill slide. I’ve been adventuring most of my life…and this prep/wait stage is totally part of most every good adventure…only this time I’ve got the kids with me!

Stick around for Quincy’s corner tomorrow!

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