Great Danes are huge giant-breed dogs who are not seen on many boats...except ours.

This is Quincy’s Corner; a part of our website and weekly blog where she can express her wisdom, comments and concerns to dogs and their people everywhere.  Quincy the Great Dane lives on a cruising sailboat and seems to like it.  She’s come a very long ways from her cushy life in a house….keep reading to see some of her first’s just in the last year:

Quincy the Great Dane has come a very long way just in a year….

From her cushy red bed in our old house….


To her first time in the Pacific Ocean…


To her first time at anchor..


And her first time in a lifejacket under way…


To her favorite spot in the sun….


And keeping an eye on things from the cockpit…


To getting comfortable on her boat

Quincy the Great Dane has (2) two more Sunday Corner’s here in the US then her internet will get pretty spotty as we go down the coast.  But when she has internet….Quincy will come roaring back with Sunday columns.  As highlighted in my page about outstanding business’s we’ve used…Quincy will miss her time at Camp Run-A-Mutt very much.  We’ve so appreciate the staff because Quincy was always safe and well-cared for when she was away from us during the day.  This was a huge factor for us as Michelle worked full time until she retired and I worked on the boat full time, thus having a safe place for Quincy during the day was important for our peace of mind and productivity.  As we prep to HOPEFULLY get our engine back in this coming week, Quincy will be back at her favorite kennel and day-care so that we can get work done without worry about the liability of having a giant breed dog on the boat while there’s folks crawling around the engine room.  

Quincy, Teagan and I love to write our blog/web posts and hope you’ll keep reading as we do along.  When you don’t read much from us…it means we’re working hard on the boat or we’re off adventuring.  This week, we’ve worked hard on the boat and we’ll cover it this week with more posts.   


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  1. I enjoy reading from you and Teagan. Reading that the engine may come back this week is exciting to hear. The posts can wait! Sending good luck vibs to Tulum!

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