Welcome to Great Dane on a Boat, in which Quincy the Great Dane pontificates on whatever she wants to discuss for the day.  Quincy is a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat.  This is her Sunday space to discuss dog issues and Great Dane thoughts with all of you.  So here we go:

Welcome to Quincy’s Corner:  “I sleep a lot on this boat thing, but it’s not like the house with the big furry white carpet mat that I like to lay on and roll around on.  There’s not alot of soft surfaces on this boat and when I do find them…they’re in really small areas.  I have two favorite areas where they put my bed.  One of them is right in the middle of the salon so I can see everyone…and the other is right in the stern cockpit so I can sleep in the cool night air, listen to all the sounds and watch the stars.  Truly, sleeping just outside my feeder’s room is all right.  If I hear anything funny, I growl or bark and occasionally scramble up and take a look.  But mostly, I sleep.  Funny, when I sleep well…my feeder also seems to sleep well.  But when I have to go potty, I wake him up and won’t let him go back to sleep till I get my dog walk.  Mostly this is about 615am, so I can see the sunrise.  Life on this boat thing is simple  and I think I like it.  If any of your doggies have questions…shoot them my way and I’ll answer.  I’ll bark back at you next Sunday.”

Quincy’s Cockpit Lounge, in full sleep mode-


It’s Sunday morning and we now have a 10-year old daughter who will have her last land-based birthday party soon (for several years) and we’re contemplating getting rid of our car as we continue to wait on our engine to get rebuilt and re-installed into our sailboat.  We hope you’ll FOLLOW us as this adventure continues.  To those who read our blog and already follow us,,,thanks. 

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