We’re at less than 30 days till Baja Ha-Ha and still want to go. Great news is that our new sails came in yesterday. They’re not on yet, but they’re here. Now, we need our engine back in our boat so we can test it, get the valves readjusted and done and motor out with the rest of the fleet on 04 Nov. I think I clearly communicated this with our mechanic….let’s see if we make it. Even if we don’t make it on 04 Nov we’re still going, but we lose the valuable opportunity for the kids to meet all the other Ha-Ha kids and form that friendship base…which we’d really like to see. We’re rolling along with our non-perishable provisioning and other boat projects, but miss being out on the water while we’re stuck in our slip.

Don’t forget Kids Corner on Fri-

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