Have you heard...Great Danes like to sleep...alot.

Quincy the Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a sailboat in San Diego while we prepare to get under way heading south…semi-permanently.  She lives with her adult and kid people’s who feed and walk her and she occasionally barks at dock strangers when she’s awake.   In general, Quincy the Great Dane behaves like other Great Danes but with a bit more leash anxiety.  Today she’ll dispense her wisdom like she does every Sunday…..for both dogs and humans alike.  Keep reading-

Quincy’s Wisdom for today: “Dogs and people should sleep more.  Dogs and people who are asleep can’t make trouble and don’t bark when they’re asleep.  If everyone took my advice, global strife would slow and people and dogs would be better rested.  But the two legged creatures won’t listen to me, so I’m gonna go back to sleep and contemplate this more.  My favorite sleep place is on my boat…close to my people.  I think Great Danes like to be close to their people,,and a great sleep in the shade with my favorite blanky creates such frission on my skin, I just love it. Wanna see my happy place where I do my best sleeping?  Here it is below.”

So ends Miss Quincy’s wisdom.  We hope you keep tuning in every Sunday to read Quincy’s wisdom and you keep reading on Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat and Sun cause we publish regular blog articles on those days.  In the meantime, we’re working to leave on Nov 4th.  You can check out our Patreon and Pinterest sites and we would love you to follow our website- 

PS:  This weekend is Buccaneer Days on Catalina Island and we were hoping to have gotten over there as a shakedown for the boat this close to leaving, but that was not to be.  Hope everyone had a great time there.  I think next weekend is the big boat show in Annapolis,,,where most of the professional cruising community congregates this time every year.  We’re not going cause we have no real reason to go,,,and we spent most of our pennies on our engine rebuild.  I hope it’s a great show and we’re looking forward to the cool gear coming out of the show.    

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