Yep, when we have internet we play SKY just like other kids-

“Hey ya’ll. I’m back! We leave for school in 25 minutes, so I gotta hurry. It’s really cool that we still get to have internet {at the moment}. My favorite game is called Sky: Children Of Light. Its this game where you collect golden spirits and you get wings! Then you have to travel all over sky, finding silver spirits, that give you expressions. Every 2 months a new season comes, with new silver spirits. You see, you can get garments and stuff from spirits, like instruments! My favorite is the harp, and you can actually play instruments! As a matter of fact, you can get new hairdos, new wing colors, new pants, even new masks. But for seasonal spirits, you get, like upgraded stuff. Like you can get hairdos with hats! And this season only, you can get an umbrella!!!{which helps a lot In the hidden forest}. You can also get different wing shapes! And the best part is that for normal spirits, you have to unlock most stuff with end candles, the hardest candle to find {candles are the natural currency}. But for seasonal spirits, you don’t have to unlock anything. It’s a really good game and you should totally get it. TEAGAN UP AND OUT”

These are writings from my daughters while we sit at our dock waiting on our engine to get fixed.  We have internet and are still in the US so this is easy and fun while they still have the ability to do this.  Soon today will be yesterday and we’ll be off for our adventure, but today the kids go to school and I work on the boat.  We’re living on our boat with two kids and a Great Dane ready to head south.  We’d love to have you FOLLOW us and check us out as we continue this adventure. 



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