Great Danes sleep and lounge ALOT, but when they have their 10 bursts of energy, they might be on alert!

Great Danes are large, smelly creatures who sleep and lounge ALOT.  But when they get their energy, it’s often channeled into puppy laps, puppy energy, alert mode or play.  Eating holds an energy level too, but it’s quickly followed by more lounging time.  Quincy Great Dane lives on a sailboat that’s leaving in November for a trip around the world and she’s now had a year to get used to the boat and the new world around her.  She still has leash anxiety on the docks but she’s really, really good off leash at Dog Beach or other places.  Here’s Quincy in alert mode, when she misses nothing:

Quincy speaks: “In Alert Mode, I don’t always see everything, but when I do see it…I go bark at it just to make sure everyone knows I’m here and very large.  No one really wants to come up to me then.  But there are the folks who throw me some ice every once in-awhile and the red bearded man who scratches me…not sure about that one.  Here’s me in alert mode…do you think I’m looking very mean and scary”? 


See how she moved…it was a hot morning. 

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