She's a 4th Grader talking to kids about boat life.

“Soo…we are leaving in a month. I’ll update u. school has started, and it’s the end of September. School is SOOOO boaring. Dad is provisioning up. I actually thought that he had things under control……until he got 50 of these little sugar cubes that were actually stuff to start fires. Literally. That’s their one purpose. And DON’T even get me started on the coconut poop bricks. See we have a composting toilet. That means that we have to empty the pee bottle by hand and the POOP BUCKET. But after the poop is emptied out, we have to mash up these dirt bricks, and put them in the poop bucket, just so that it doesn’t smell. And of course whoever does that certainly never, ever gets so smelly and so poopy that they have to shower 3 times. Luckily, dad is that person right now. That might change though…AND he made US haul ALL of this inside. Sigh. The life of a boat kid is SO awesome. And of course we can’t forget the toilet. NOT. TEAGAN UP AND OUT.”

Kids Corner has been off the blog for a couple weeks because we’ve been busy, simply didn’t get to it but we’re back.  Kids Corner is written entirely by a 4th Grader who lives on a sailboat in a room with her sister.  It’s mostly unedited but reviewed as we try to develop good writing habits with our kids. Hope you liked this week’s Kids Corner and you tune in for the next 7-fridays until we untie the docklines and go south. That is…if our engine’s working and back in our boat.  And, you can check out our Patreon site to see if supporting us is right for you. 


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